About the ONE44 Platform


The ONE44 experience is unlike anything else in it class. The platform combines real-time in depth technical market analysis, streaming market data, intra-day charting and audible market commentary (see The Morning Call). Using ONE44, you will have ready access to key levels that cause the market to react and change trend. Along with intra-day trading opportunities, ONE44 subscribers also receive long-term analysis that delivers the macro view of each covered market.

Whether you are new to the business or an experienced professional, you will be able to use the ONE44 Platform to your advantage. The US Futures markets are extremely active -- take advantage of the action and subscribe to ONE44 today.

How it works

The ONE44 platform is not a pre-compiled black box or trading algorithm. Behind ONE44 are real technical market analysts having more than 25 year experience with trading analysis and market research. No matter what type of market conditions may arise, the analysts will adjust the platform to provide high probability trading opportunities, read more about the adjustments here.

What can it do for me?

Bottom line: If you trade futures, you can use the ONE44 Platform. Even if you are trading successfully with your own algorithms and strategies, ONE44 will identify key turning points every trading day. Try it FREE for 5 days, you'll get the idea.

  • Intra-day message updates with market analysis
  • Audible Market Analysis each morning and afternoon - Hear a Sample
  • Live Support & Resistance updates throughout the trading day
  • Real-time streaming data provided by
  • Streaming real-time intra-day charting
  • SMS (phone) messages for all analysis when away from screen
  • Written market analysis for long term and short term outlooks
  • Trade simulation for all support & resistance levels provided
  • Multiple markets available: Emini S&P, Emini NQ & EuroFX
  • Analysts with over 25 years of experience
  • 24/5 platform accessibility
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