ONE44 Platform Help Guide


What is a 1x1 Angle?

The 1x1 Angle is very important in identifying the trend on a closing basis.  The exact level of the 1x1 Angle will always be support or resistance, but what is more important when we encounter a 1x1 Angle is where the market closes.


In most cases you want to see the market violate the level by 3 to 5 handles.  In volatile markets it may violate the angle by 10 to 20 handles.  In any case, it will always be the close that matters.


On a day that closes through a 1x1 Angle, the next day is just as important.  If it happens to close under an angle (which is negative) but the following day closes back above the angle, it will turn the market positive.  In most cases, it is the following day to watch when this happens.

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